New York City
I run down the steps to the L platform as I hear it arriving. I stand for a minute as it passes but then decide to try and hop on a car closer to the front. That split decision is the start of what has lead me here. As doors close and I look around I noticed a taller gentleman (6?3 maybe) with glasses wearing a baseball cap. The cap showed support for a farm hockey team, the Iowa Wild. I knew the team and was curious how another fan found themselves here in this big busy city. I fought internally whether or not I should actually say something. Would that be weird? Do people do these kinds of things anymore? But I had to take the chance. I remove my headphones and ask. Through the conversation I learned his friend gifted him the hat as they worked for the team. I learned that he was from Colorado, an Avalanche fan, and was newish to the city working in real estate. And as he left the train at Bedford I took one last look at his gorgeous eyes and infectious smile. With the help of my New York City romantics I may be able to properly ask this man to a hockey game and look into those kind eyes again
Posted: Monday. May 08, 2023.
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