New York City
To the girl on the platform waiting for the northbound subway around 5 pm, I hope this finds you well. You were with a big group of friends, and at first it didn?t look like there would be enough room for all of you. But when your ring leader realized it wasn't your train, you guys took a step back. That's when me eyes were immediately drawn to you at the back of the group. I couldn't resist stealing glances at you. I don't know what it was, but something about you made me feel alive and excited. I have to admit, I found you pretty cute, and it seemed like you and your friend were talking about me too. I thought the doors would close any moment, but they lasted a little longer than usual, giving us more time to exchange glances. Right as the train started moving, you and your friend did something that made me wish the doors weren't closed yet. I've been thinking about that moment ever since, wondering if we missed an opportunity. If by any chance you remember seeing a guy wearing a light gray sweater, and felt the same way, I?d love to get to know you better. Maybe we can recreate that missed moment and see where it takes us.
Posted: Wednesday. May 03, 2023.
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