New York City
This happened about 3 ish weeks ago on April 8th. I got on the D train going downtown on Broadway Lafayette St, you were standing next to the first doors of the train with a friend. Your friend was shorter than you, and I believe he was wearing a gray sweater and maybe had a white collar popping from underneath. You were wearing a black/navy blue coat, maybe it was a trench coat, you have blue eyes, fair skin, and brown hair, you were also tall (I'm guessing like 6'1). I was wearing a green mock neck with a leather jacket and black baggy jeans. I was also wearing glasses and had my hair down, and I was with two girl friends, who were shorter than me (one had a black baggy jacket and the other had a light brownish cardigan. We kept making tons of eye contact, you got off on the 62st stop, but you and your friend came to where I was standing to get off the train. P.S. you were giving Andrew Garfield mixed with Barry Allen vibes. Hopefully we meet again <3
Posted: Sunday. April 30, 2023.
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