New York City
Monday April 15, 7pm. He was on the L train to Rockaway Parkway. I got on at Bedford. He and I snuck a smile at each other. He was wearing a tan/orange long sleeve shirt, long brown hair in a bun and a hat. I was in black shorts, a rain jacket and a backpack. He got up to give his seat to give your seat to an elderly men ? but he didn?t sit down. We stood next to each other, and I?m pretty sure he took out his headphones to try to talk to me. I was an idiot and stayed engrossed in my phone (swiping on Hinge of all things) ? but we kept stealing glances at each other and smiles. He got off at Jefferson and turned around to see if I followed. We smiled at each other as the train pulled away. I should?ve gotten off to say hi.
Posted: Monday. April 17, 2023.
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