New York City
me: early 30s, south asian, dark hair/purple highlights, wore a starry print black dress and brought the house down on many, many occasions. You: all I know is you go by Sanjay and Patrick, you?re both 28, and you guys love pop punk (like, a lot). We met when you approached me and my friend at the bar and hyped us up big time, telling us how deeply you appreciated our stunning rendition of Downtown ? that song that goes ?when you're alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go?DOWWWNTOWNNNN? (so apt) We then joined forces, embarking upon HOURS of musical adventure. So much pop-punk nostalgia. At some point, a conga line ensued. And so much great banter. The evening was a blast, magical in pretty much every way. At the end of the night I bought us a round of chilled tequila shots with the bartenders, and hilariously - Sanjay - you asked whether yours could be whisky instead. Who does that!!! Kicking myself today because we didn?t exchange instas! And also I?m losing my voice. Don?t worry - I know Sanjay, you?ve got a a gf, but I?m prettty sure Patrick is single? ANYWAY, my friend Chanice and I would LOVE to reconnect and get the band back together sometime ????
Posted: Sunday. April 16, 2023.
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