New York City
You: handsome fella in a gray knit hoodie with dark jeans, and black sneakers with white soles? with a cool watch and great hair. Sitting with 3 of your guy friends with your back to the wall, enjoying a glass of red wine. Me: long haired brunette sitting with my back to the wall at your left, between my nieces and with my mom and sister. Black and white cardigan, black jeans, and black parka. I noticed you from across the room and think you saw us checking you out? felt like you might have been looking back? Tried to figure out a way to approach, but felt a bit too awkward while at separate tables and with family. I returned to the table after we paid the check, but lost my nerve to approach. ???? If you see this post and are single by some miracle, let?s get a glass of wine!
Posted: Sunday. February 26, 2023.
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